PocketWhipNStick Summer Development Camp

PocketWhipNStick Summer Development Camp

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The summer program is a  6 week program that includes lifting, throwing and classroom type setting on how to use and understand baseball technology for pitch design and improvement using Trackman and ProPlayAI.

It runs Monday through Friday morning for HS, incoming college and current college athletes with two start times TBA.

Workouts (weight training) are daily and we throw at least 3 days a week depending on what we have scheduled. The program will basically start every 4 weeks so if you don’t make the first starting date you will be able to start at the next one or if you can’t make the beginning by a week or two we can prorate and have you start mid session. June 7 will be the first session.

If you can’t make it for all the days we can give you your individual strength program to do at your own local gym if you have one near you but we recommend making it as much as possible.

Alternate option is PWS throwing portion only M/W/F and would be $1200 for the 6 weeks. Also for those who can not make all the lifts but could make the throwing days but would want the lifting program sent to them remotely we have that option as well for $1500,  contact Dave@pocketpath.com for the $1200 and $1500 options.

Here's a quick look at weeks 1 & 2:

WEEK 1  Evaluation week and Introductions 

- Fitness Test Eval
- Monday
Baseline Keiser strength Tests
First Training session
Lite catch play
6 Week goals
- Tuesday
Foundation to strength training
Intro to Trackman PowerPoint 
Post workout shake
- Wednesday
First Trackman and ProplayAI bullpen baseline
Post workout shake
Upper body lift
PFA Shoulder and Forearm Care routine
Post workout shake
- Friday
HITT lift
Catch play
Pocket Whip N Stick Evaluation and Education
Video analysis
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